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Do you deliver and set up? Yes here at DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments we deliver and set up your equipment as its is all part of the service.

Can we put the bouncy castle indoors? Yes, the only difference is that instead of pegging it to the ground with ground pegs, it is weighted to the floor using sandbags.

Will we have enough space? Ha! If you are in any doubt at all, DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments will be only to pleased to come and survey the proposed area, and advise of the size of bouncy castle suitable for your needs. however if you do not live locally this might not be possible, I'm sure you will understand.

Can we hire more than one bouncy castle? YES!YES!YES!YES PLEASE, as long as you have the space available. This is always good idea when large numbers of people our involved. Very often hire out two to three castles at a time, or the Garden games with a bouncy castle ect. Besides that DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments can get twice as much money for one drop, go on you know it makes sense.

Will the castle be tidy and clean? DEFIANTLY all our bouncy castles are bought from new, purchased from the very best manufactures possible, not just the cheapest on the market. We pride ourselves in the condition of our bouncy castles. They are always cleaned after use and on set up, we even clean the bottoms of our castles. DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments do ask that you keep them in this condition by allowing nothing to go on the bouncy castle except people, no food or drink.

Is there any cancellation charge ? All Upfront securing booking fees are non refundable. There is no cancellation charge for bouncy castles if wet and normally if you are courteous enough to give us what we consider to be enough notice of cancelation there will be no further charge, however excuses such as we haven't got any money, we haven't got enough room, the venue say we are not allowed to have it for xyz reasons , oh it slipped my mind to phone and cancel, will not be excepted at least 2 week for children's bouncy castles and 6 weeks for larger kit like adult castles, Assault course etc DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments do ask that you give as much notice as possible, this then enables us to re-hire the bouncy castle to another client .YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT IF YOU DO NOT GIVE ENOUGH NOTICE as we are trying to make a living and have staff to pay. We will take you to small claims if you refuse to pay as you have broken a verbal agreement and this is a contract.

Can you put the bouncy castle up on any surface? Flat grassed areas are the most suitable, we do however avoid loose gravel and chipping's like the plague, this is because should any of the small stones get between the ground sheet and castle the friction between them can cause lots of damage in a very short time.

Do we pay a deposit? Yes will all bookings are not secured until the upfront non-refundable securing fee has been made, thank you.

Are you insured? Yes we have third party public liability insurance.

How safe our your bouncy castles? DJ Bridgee'o's Entertainments prides its self in the safety of our castles, they are all purchased from new, direct from one of the leading manufacturers in the UK. We don't buy just cheap bouncy castles , we buy quality at a price. Our bouncy castles are tested regularly and all carry up to date safety certificates, they are manufactured in accordance to the latest safety guidelines cables are renewed every year and all appliances P.A.T tested. Safety mat's are supplied with all our bouncy castles ALSO WE INSIST THAT ALL BOUNCY CASTLES SHOULD BE SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE ADULT AT ALL TIMES.

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